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Never in history has been easier to communicate as today: Every cell phone is mobile media factory, each Facebook or Twitter account provides outreach to hundreds or thousands of people. However, in this communication noise there are major challenges: how to send the right message and how to achieve it to be noticed next to thousands of others? Excite gives you just that - exciting ideas, communications and strategies!
The leaders of our company have more than 20 years of experience in the media, significant experience in public relations, business networking and business organization. In addition to managing traditional media, in recent years we have focused on the future of media - digital communication and digital media.

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If you believe in the experience, knowledge and expertise, you want maximum commitment, firmly defined goals and clear results - then we are the right choice for you.

The media and communication are our passion. Most of our careers we spent working in the major media.

The leaders of our company in the media have passed all professional 'steps' from journalists to editor-in-chief positions. We have written thousands of articles, edited by tens of thousands of texts and the overall issues. We are used to take care of every detail and the overall image. We know how to produce good content and we believe that only it can have the maximum effect to achieve your goals.

We have excellent knowledge and understanding of business operations, business processes and environment. Our goal is to be a support to your business processes.

The experience of many years of business journalism is priceless. We have worked and interviewed presidents, prime ministers, ministers, heads of large and small companies, various business stakeholders ... we all know that it is a rarity and luck to find a reliable and good business partner. Take advantage of our experience and business contacts.


From the shortest press releases, articles or through native stories until ghostwriting services...


Digital is the future. We are with the future delved fully. We develop comprehensive digital solutions...


Want to win a larger market share? Or stepping on a completely new market? We can be your strong and significant support...

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